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for young people
aged 11-25 years old

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What is Counselling
What is counselling?
Counselling provides a safe place to talk in confidence about anything that is on your mind or is important to you. A counsellor will listen to what you say without being shocked and without judging you, They will help you to explore your thoughts and feelings and find out what you want for yourself.
How does counselling work?
Talking about yourself and your life can help you to see things more clearly. Your counsellor will not tell you what to do. What they can do is give you the opportunity to talk about what you think and how you feel, and help you to work out what you want for yourself.
What can I talk about?
It is up to you to decide what you want to talk about. You may have difficulties at home or with friends, you may be feeling sad, lonely or confused, The list is endless, you can talk about anything that is important to you or is making life difficult for you.
Will anyone know what I have talked about?
What you talk about in counselling is treated with respect and is confidential between you and your counsellor. The Haven takes confidentiality very seriously and has a confidentiality policy that all counsellors' work to. This will be explained to you more fully when you come.
How long will counselling last?
Each session lasts for fifty minutes to one hour. There is no limit to the number of sessions; you can come as long as you and your counsellor feel that it is useful. You will see the same counsellor every time you come.
How do I arrange to see a counsellor?
If you are interested in counselling or want to find out more about counselling at The Haven call in or phone for an appointment. This will give you an opportunity to look around The Haven and ask any questions that you may have.
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